How do I register as a Vendor?
Simply click on our REGISTER button on the top right hand side of our home page and once you have provided your username, email address and a password, select the REGISTER AS VENDOR button at the bottom of the login window. We will contact you once your application has been approved with further instructions.

What are the costs of listing my products on the buylocalonline.co.za e-commerce platform?
There are no costs for listing your products. Buylocalonline.co.za has a success fee which is only charged once your product has been sold. The success fee is 8% of the order value (excluding the courier cost), as well as 7% for banking charges bringing the total of deductions to 15%.

How does the packaging and delivery work?
When the Buyer places his/her order, they select and pay for one of the delivery options available at checkout. Once the order is placed, you will receive an email notification that your product has been sold as well as further instructions regarding the courier. Please ensure that you check your emails at least once a day for notifications. You will need to package your product securely to prevent breakages.

When do I get paid out?
The Buyer has 5 days from date of delivery to accept or reject the product. Once we have received notice that they are satisfied with the product, we proceed with payment to you, the Seller. Payments are done once a week, on Wednesdays. Depending on where your bank account is held, the payment might take up to 2-3 days to reflect in your account. Please make sure that you have given the correct bank account details in your VENDOR DASHBOARD.

How can I get paid?
We pay out to the bank account which you provided in your VENDOR DASHBAORD.

I struggle with technology and cannot use the Vendor Dashboard to list my products.
If you want to list your products but are struggling with the Vendor Dashboard, Whatsapp Vicky on 071 190 1627 or email info@buylocalonline.co.za. and we will assist you in listing your products.

What happens if the product is rejected by the Buyer?
The Buyer can only return a product if it is faulty, wrongly described or did not perform as advertised. If the Buyer does return the product, it will be couriered back to you and the Buyer receives a full refund.

NB: PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ONCE YOU HAVE LISTED YOUR PRODUCT/S ONLINE YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT YOU KEEP THAT STOCK ON ONE SIDE. If a customer orders and pays for your product and you do not have stock you will be penalised and removed from the system. If you find that you have sold the item that you listed online, please remove it ASAP from your products list or otherwise inform us to do it for you.

My question has not been answered here.
Please feel free to contact us on info@buylocalonline.co.za or otherwise whatsapp 071 190 1627.

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