Children’s Texture and Storybooks – On The Savannah


Children’s texture and storybooks with stories about the wonderful world of the animals on the Savannah. Lions, rhinos and elephants.

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Children’s texture and storybooks where each page teaches your child about the amazing world out there, to be explored and learnt about.

Fluffy manes to play with. Learn about how a rhino eats more than any other animal in the wild, even an elephant! Talking about elephants …do you remember them, because they will never forget you?

Several different fabrics have been used to add a variety of textures and colors.

These lightweight durable and portable storybooks are:

Size: 20cm x 20cm (8” square)

Weight: 170gms

Washable with a damp cloth. All pieces are glued and stitched with a non-toxic glue. Slight colour variations might occur.

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